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rush to fuck (free download)

by christian fitness

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this is one of the first songs I recorded during this period of extreme oddness. I had given myself the mission (a) to complete it in one day and (2) get a dodgy Elvis impression into a song which ended like something from 'jam' (the Chris Morris show). I was 72 per cent successful. Cd album should be being sent out early next week - sorry for delays. Oh, and this one isn't mastered. Enjoy. I did.


in my rush to fuck i forgot to shave
(or rather i accidentally)
accentuated a stubble rash
(so i wore a big collar and sat in the shadows)
of a weatherspoons, no - not that one
(your ex-wife works in the stock room)
if they pay her enough to look that bad
(it can't be long before she wins

don't be yourself or be replaced
you can't be condemned if you don't have a face

in my rush to fuck i learned my name
(and that was the last thing I'd ever wanted)
chained myself to her in the middle of a howling gale
(and she read my lips)
good god i said what a woman got pause like a woman got claws
(but i never made time to disciplined)

don't be yourself or be replaced
you can't be condemned if you don't have a face

there are cracks in the curtains and creases in corners
that previously bored us
call to your prison guard, show him your scars
and maybe he'll piss on them

don't kid yourself you've signed a contract with a broken pen
and your dreams don't work


released August 11, 2014
credits? Gravity. I was sitting down.


all rights reserved



christian fitness Cardiff, UK

one 'man'. band. NOT a solo artist. all songs created by imagined multiple personalities, some of which are shy. six records out now. drums by friends, recording by other friends, everything else by this prick. enjoy or get gone. x

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